Risen Energy progressing construction of the Merredin Solar Farm

calendar-icon 12th Jul 2019 |

Construction works have commenced for the 132 MWdc Merredin Solar Farm. Bulk earthworks to prepare the site for installation of the solar panels and substation equipment are well under way.

The substation installation is progressing with equipment foundations being poured, the installation of the control room and erection of the gantry. High voltage wires to connect the substation to Western Power’s Merredin Terminus have been strung and will be energised once the substation and farm are substantially complete.

Fencing of the site has commenced. Site construction amenities and the solar farm road network are being established. Pile driving testing has resumed to check ground conditions for installation of the tracker system that is required to mount the solar panels onto their fixed structures.

Equipment delivery of the 360,000 solar panels and trackers is expected early July. This will be followed by pile driving from late July and then tracker assembly and mounting of the panels.

“There will be an increase in traffic with equipment deliveries from Fremantle.  With the location of the Merredin solar farm to the west of Merredin, it is anticipated there will be no increase in heavy traffic in the town as access to the site will be from Robertson Road.  There may be turning traffic at the intersection of Robartson Road and the highway” said Andrew Owen, Renewable Development Manager, Risen Energy (Australia).

The Merredin Solar Farm is working closely with the Shire of Merredin to deliver the approvals for the Merredin Solar Farm project and will continue to liaise with the Council and government agencies to ensure these requirements are satisfied.


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