SUN Energy

Founded in 2016, SUN Energy is a solar project developer providing fully-integrated services for customers to achieve sustainable development goals in the Asia Pacific region. Committed to being a global company, SUN Group is comprehensively leading the renewable energy ecosystem in Asia Pacific, mainly Indonesia.

The Group operates through its four main business units, including: SUN Energy offering solar energy system solutions in large-scale buildings; SUNterra providing solar technology for residential areas; SUN Solutions prioritizing solar energy services based on consumer needs; and SUN Mobility supporting an environmentally-friendly transportation infrastructure through solar charging stations development.

Aiming to reach 2 GWp by 2025, the company brings a vision to give an added value for its customers through a concrete action to reduce the impact of climate change. To date, SUN Group has employed more than 100 people and has owned more than 200 MWp solar projects in Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Australia. For more information,

visit www.sunenergy.id

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