Risen Energy Australia

Risen Energy (Australia) is committed to the Merredin Solar Farm for the long term, being involved in the full life cycle of the project. Risen Energy (Australia) has funded 100% of the Merredin Solar Farm.  As owners of the Merredin Solar Farm project, Risen Energy (Australia) will progress the project from detailed engineering design, through construction, commissioning and ultimately the operation of the solar farm.

Risen Energy (Australia) is going to invest progressively in an excess of 2 GW of renewable projects in Australia with further investments in storage in the future. We will be acquiring projects that are shovel ready, projects that are looking for financial and/or EPC partner, projects that are looking for a co-developer.

Risen Energy (Australia) has had an established presence in the Australian market since 2008, supplying solar PV panels for the retail market.  Its long-term goal also includes the funding, constructing and operating commercial and utility-scale solar projects.

Risen Energy was founded in 1986 and is a leading China-based PV solutions provider that is traded as an A-share on China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

Risen Energy has over 10,000 employees globally and are the sixth largest PV module supplier in the world, completing over thousands of grid-connected projects globally, including self-developed projects that they manage directly.


  • Established


  • Revenue



  • Assets

    1 GW


  • Capacity

    9.1 GW

  • Employees



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